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Eitan decided to be serious about DIAF

Hi folks,

Eitan Caspi here, the founder of DIAF.

Today is about 6 years after I published the first (and only…) founding document draft for DIAF, in 2017, and since then… well… nothing happened… I didn’t do anything about it. Shame on me, really.

But now, December 2023, I see that CISA is ranting that vendors are still using default passwords, which of course enable breaches, which kind of reminded me of DIAF… yeah, shame on me… – so I decided to try and be serious about it and push it forward, so here I am adding more content to this site and I will try to make waves for it in my blogs and LinkedIn, as first step.

Today I added:

  • A page of “News from the world” – which will list news about the problems that default password cause and the fight to eliminate them
  • A category filter, realized as a site menu item – that will list all posts related to “News about the DIAF project“, like this post you are reading now
  • A page of “Call for volunteers” – asking you good folks to come along and join the DIAF effort. I can’t make it alone, your help is essential!
  • A page of “Volunteers Hall of Fame!” – which is a page of gratitude, thank you!, for all the volunteers, donors and anyone who is currently helping or helped in the past – to move DIAF forward

I also remind you that: