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Call for partners

No one can make it alone, so we always look for partners to join us in the journey.

By partners we do not refer to individuals (for them we have the volunteers page), but to group entities, like public and governmental organizations who support the cause of ending default passwords.

We are always open to hear and consider as partners any type of entities we did not think of so far, so please do approach us in the ways detailed below.

At this point in time, at the start of this project, being a partner of DIAF is only a declarative “statement”, that the entity supports the cause of ending the use of default passwords.

The public sign of this partnership will be by placing the name, logo and website link of the partner at the current Partners page of DIAF.

Hopefully in the near future we will reach a level of creating more practical activity, but it is too early now to tell, and anyway – we will discuss this with our partners in advance.

To contact us with anything related to DIAF partners – write to us┬ávia either email, using [email protected], or via this site’s contact form.

We thank you in advance and hope to hear from your soon!