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Call for volunteers


Since working together is much better than working alone – we need volunteers to assist us in the goal of eliminating default passwords.

DIAF is a non-profit project, meaning all its supporters, contributors and donors are doing so as volunteers, knowing they will not receive any money or any money equivalent reward for their actions, efforts and help.

We need help in the following areas:

  • Graphic designer (general and web) – at first we need a logo and we need to make this site pretty and usable.
  • Marketing expert – we need to get the message through, to all relevant participants in the DIAF game – vendors, customers, governments and more
  • Money (that’s what I want!) – money contributions will help us be more prominent and boldly reach the correct folks who can make the change towards our goal
    • We will be very transparent about our financial transactions, we will publish all monetary donations (donors will decide of the level of anonymity they wish for and we will of course respect it)
    • We will also publish all our expenses, how we spent the money and any other types of donations we received
  • A special category is the “DIAF Ambassadors”, which are actually anyone who supports the cause of DIAF and is willing to act towards it, mostly in connection to vendors and governments – be it a customer of a vendor, an employee of a vendor, but really – anyone, as long as this person does actual efforts towards the goal of DIAF

In return we can only offer a public acknowledgement and gratitude by mentioning you on a special page on this site, which will detail all the great folks who helped DIAF at any time – this page will be the DIAF Hall of Fame!

To volunteer simply send us an email to [email protected], with the following details:

  • First name
  • Last/Family name
  • The email address you wish for us to use in communicating with you
  • How do you wish/think you can help DIAF move forward
  • What is your relevant knowledge, background, experience and connections/social networks – that can help to realize the elimination of default passwords

Once we will get your email message – we will begin to communicate with you and together we will find you a fit place in the DIAF project.